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ChromaVault | Chroma key backgrounds, news backgrounds, virtual sets, green screen backgrounds, news studio backgrounds, chroma key graphics, talking head backgrounds

News, video, chroma key production backgrounds

Our affordable, high-quality images are available in a wide variety of categories and can be used for SD or HD video production as chroma key backgrounds, full screen backgrounds, title cards and more.

They're great for news backgrounds, religious backgrounds and backgrounds for public access TV, educational programming and more.


Breaking News: Modern
$20.00 $4.99
Control B
$20.00 $4.99
$20.00 $4.99
Squared Background
$20.00 $4.99
Television News

A perfect solution for in-studio reporting and standup venues — including franchise beats.


An affordable solution for educational news, sports, weather and entertainment programming.

Cable & Religious Video

Instant backgrounds for a variety of programming that doesn't take up studio space.

Web Content

Use for webcasts and other online media to create a variety of looks, including high-tech and 3D options.

Corporate Video

Give training, announcements and other productions a cost effective, unique look without sets.


A simple and fast option for on-camera backgrounds behind talent in commercials on a variety of topics.

Using ChromaVault Products

ChromaVault backgrounds are compatible with nearly all video editing and graphics programs and can be used for a wide variety of video productions, including news, sports, weather, school, religion and commercials. The large resolution of our backgrounds allows you to pan, zoom and crop for a variety of looks. Our entire catalog is browsable online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and purchases can be made in minutes and downloaded immediately. Read the ChromaVault guide to see examples of how our backgrounds can be used using our popular Studio 16 background.

Worship Backgrounds

Visit our sister site, Worship Background Vault, for the Internet's best value in worship backgrounds for church service and sanctuary screens and presentations. Our 100 religious backgrounds include a wide range of themes, including holidays and religious observances. The high quality of our worship backgrounds make them perfect for a wide variety of uses, including worship and church screens for lyrics, scripture and sermon notes, PowerPoint presentations and religious video productions. Visit Worship Background Vault to browse the collection and buy online.

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